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Adge Cutlers and The Wurzels CDs and Books Available

Combine Harvester
I am a Cider Drinker
Finest 'arvest
I'll never get a Scrumpy Here

The Wurzels - Band Line Up
The Wurzels Music Lives On
The Blackbird Song, Morning Glory,
Drink Up thy Zider
Never mind The Bullocks
The Blackbird
Ferry to Glastonbury
They like to keep up with the trends and now have abandoned their dung powered amplifiers and gone all electric
Pete Budd - lead vocal, banjo and guitar
Tommy Banner - accordian and keyboards
Amos Morgan - drums
Squire Wintour - bass guitar
Legends of the West Country, best known for their Hits of the 70's, Combine Harvester, I am a Cider Drinker, The Blackbird Song, Morning Glory, Drink Up thy Zider, Finest arvest etc. now have a huge cult follwing in the 90's throughout the U.K.  They have made thousands of live appearances throughout the U.K, in Canada, the Middle East, Spain and Central America - have three Royal shows to their credit, before Princess Anne, The Duchess of Gloucester, The Duchess of Kent, even appearing at Buckingham Palace.

Their television appearances have been many - and varied - from Blue Peter to the Generation Game - Top of the Pops to Highway, then in 1998 the Steve Coogan show on BBC1, Never Mind the Buzzocks on the BBC2, The Harry Hill show in December 1998 on Channel 4, Night Fever in January 1999 on Channel 5 and then in April 1999 on Channel 4, featured in a look back at past No 1 hit singles.

Listen out for them on a television advert for a well known rice pudding.

June 2000 saw the new catch up with the old when The Wurzels at last fulfilled a career ambition when they were "The Surprise Group" at Glastonbury Music Festival.

Also the year 2000 saw EMI Records bow to e-mail pressure and release a 24 track CD featuring tracks recorded between 1966 and 1978 by The Wurzels- and the late, great Adge Cutler.

Adge Cutlers and The Wurzels CDs and Wurzel Books Available
For all The Mangled Wurzels out there
Look Here for a mis-spelled Wurzels lyric, like The Wurzels Finest Harvest or The Wurzels Combined Harvester

The Wurzels CDs and The Wurzels Books
Finest 'Arvest CD
Cutler of The West CD
Wurzels' World Book
Never Mind The Bullocks CD
A Taste of The West CD
Combine Harvester Single CD

The Story so fahrrrrr...

The story starts in the summer of 1966 when Adge Cutler visited John Miles office with little more than a number of songs he had written. The name Adge Cutler and The Wurzels was conceived, a recording contract was negotiated with EMI and in the autumn of 1966 a single 'Drink up Thy Zider' was released.  This record sold over 100,000 copies and appearances followed on a number of TV shows including David Frost Show, Simon Dee, etc.  Further records were released with cabaret and concert appearances all over the country.  The name of Adge Cutler and The Wurzels was slowly spreading until a fateful morning in May 1974 when Adge Cutler was killed in a road accident.TheWurzels decided to continue on their own and in April 1976 they finally hit jackpot with their hit 'Combine Harvester' which was a parody of Melanie's Brand New Key.  'Combine Harvester' is about a country fella trying to get his hands on a wench's (wait for it) bit of land.  Well at least that's what the record implies.  The familiarity of the tune and the jolly sound captured many folks' imaginations and sent the record up the charts.  It made No 1 and sold nearly 400,000 copies in the U.K. alone.  The B-side 'Blackbird' was No 1 in Canada.

Following up 'Combine Harvester' was a problem  which was decided one night later a show.  EMI Records had sent down crates of champagne to celebrate the No 1 hit.  The Wurzels were kicking around with the tune of 'Una paloma Blanca' when Pete just came out with 'When the Moon Shines on the Cowshed' and it just went on from there.  All three put bits in and then recorded it straight away.  'Cider Drinker' rocketed up the charts, giving the group a No 3 hit and their second silver disc for sales over the 250,000 mark in a matter of weeks.

Their third single 'Morning Glory' sold 40,000 in the first week just before Christmas 1976 then In 1977 The Wurzels continued their previous year's success and appeared on many networked TV shows, completed two sell-out major Nationwide Tours, had two top fifty hits with 'Farmer Bill's Cowman' and 'Give Me England'.  Two tours of Canada and visits to Tenerife and Cyprus completed a busy year.

1978 included more sell-out concerts, a tour of the Middle East and appearances on numerous networked TV and radio shows including BBC TV's Cabaret Showtime, Cheggers, That's Life, Seaside Special, Crackerjack and The Basil Brush Show.

With many singles, big selling L.P's and four silver discs, numerous TV and radio shows, tours abroad but for their success, their totally down to earth attitude, looking at the world slightly tongue-in-cheek endears The Wurzels to so many followers throughout the country.  As Pete says "We're just going to carry on and better ourselves.  On our albums we do a few nice songs just to show that we're capable of doing other things.  We don't get frustrated or feel confined by our country yokel image. The Wurzels gear on, we feel part of it and get carried away in the mood of it all".

In 1980 Record success came in the form of their single 'I hate J.R/I love J.R.'
1981 they were seen on television in Yorkshire TV's networked show 3-2-1 and BBC TV's That's Life.
1983 Released a single called 'The Wurzel Rap' plus a brand new LP called 'The Wurzels - Freshly Cut'.


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